Friday, July 10, 2009

Answering to a Higher Authority

A guest post by JS on behalf of DYS:

A phenomenal article was provided by DYS yesterday about the controversy surrounding Hebrew National brand hotdogs (and other meat products). I should note that the link to the phenomenal article was posted on the equally phenomenal post I had yesterday on the 17th of Tammuz and why we fast on the 17th and not the 9th of Tammuz (and now that people's brains are clear from eating, maybe will garner some interest).

Some interesting facts from the article:
1) Hebrew National hotdogs are ranked the #1 hotdog in America;
2) Hebrew National is the largest kosher meat processor in the world;
3) An anonymous quote from a prominent Orthodox rabbi that "kashrut 'is 2 percent Halachah and 98 percent ego and money and politics'”;
4) Hebrew National is currently under "triangle K" which is Rabbi Ralbag's hechser (have to admit I was surprised by his and his sons' credentials which are listed in the article);
5) The Conservative movement approved Hebrew National for its members after Rabbi Ralbag took over in 2004;
6) Hebrew National is not glatt, however many Orthodox rabbis believe most animals labeled as glatt aren't really glatt anyways;
7) Rabbi Abadi (studied under Rav Kotler and was once exclusive poseik for Lakewood) has ruled Hebrew National is kosher for those who do not eat only glatt;
8) The push to eat only glatt in America apparently started in the 1970's - until that time the OU gave its hechsher to both glatt and non-glatt; and
9) The OU refuses to comment on other hashgachas and the "Star K" simply says it's "unreliable."

Although I brought up some points from the article, PLEASE read it. The above doesn't do it justice.

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