Thursday, July 30, 2009

LSK Asks about Eicha

Some questions from LSK:

(1) Does the third chapter have anything to do with anything? It doesn't mention Zion or Jerusalem, even once...Not even the Jewish people...Only references to YHWH! Was this really written by
Jeremiah? At this time? Huh?

2) On page XII-XIII of Artscroll's overview of Kinnos, it includes a story: "Rav Moshe Isserles, the Rama, wrote in Toras HaOlah, that when King Nebuchadnezzar came to do destroy the First Temple, the Greek philosopher Plato accompanied him. After the Destruction, Plato met the prophet Jeremiah near the Temlpe Mount, weeping and wailing bitterly over the temple ruins..."

OK, wait:

Plato lived from 428-348 BC or a year later, according to detailed and reputable Greek texts.
The temple was destroyed in 586 BC! So these three could never have met!

The story goes on to the seemingly absurd, elucidating two questions by Plato, referring to Jeremiah as the "preeminent sage in Israel," which is obviously false because Jeremiah was mocked by everyone in
Israel, and how after "Plato was dumbfounded," he said about Jeremiah: "I can't believe that any mortal man be so wise!" coming from the man who learned from Socrates, the Stoics, and taught Aristotle.

How do you reconcile Artscroll with history?

I would scan and upload the page, but that would violate Artscroll's copyright laws protecting Torah from the masses.

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