Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Torah True Marketing Ploy of the Week

100 DovBear dollars to the first reader to supply me with a scan of said "guarantee."

I don't even understand the premise of this absurd offer. Why do I need a guarantee that my sukka will fly to Israel with me (presumably on the wings of one ginourmous eagle)? Can't festival huts be purchased in the Holy Land? And why are we so certain Air Moshiach accepts sukkas as carry-on luggage?

The utter brazenness of this claim brings to mind the famous zinger uttered by the Ramban at Barcelona "He who wises to lie brings witnesses from far away" (or something like that.) What he meant was that a bold, impossible-to-verify claim is the mark of a charlatan (Its zingier in Hebrew, and zingier still, I imagine, in the original medieval Spanish).

Instead of promising their product will outlast wind or rain or provide a "lifetime of happiness" this sukka company has cleverly made a promise it can't even be accused of breaking.

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Anonymous said...

To err is human,to forgive,divine.

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