Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama's first pitch

Was it a ball? Was it a strike? Thanks to a clumsy camera angel, it was impossible for the home view to know if President Barak Obama's ceremonial first pitch at the All Star game even reached the plate. Does it matter? Not to me, but those shining intellectuals on the right who've grown tired of the passing around the out-of-context photo of Obama not really leering at someone's rear end, have moved on to claiming that Obama's sinister henchmen interfered with the shot to protect the president's reputation. I mean lord only knows what those baseball loving leaders in Iran or North Korea might try if word gets out that the president throws like a girl.

Meanwhile, FOX staffers not roughed up by presidential goons took matters into their own hands, and presented an alternate reality version of the pitch. As Jon Stewart pointed out last night, Fox's opinion of you, the viewer, is so low, their staff will lie directly to your face about what appears on the screen.

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Anonymous said...

You never know your luck.

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