Monday, July 20, 2009

Are You Superstitious?

A Guest Post By E. Fink

Yesterday, the gadget blog Gizmodo ran a post that got the internets buzzing.

The original post headline read: "Orthodox Couple Imprisoned By Superstition Blame Motion Sensing Light Instead". Subsequently, the headline was changed to be a little more PC.

In a nutshell, a regular Frum couple (as per Haddassah Sabo Milner who knows them) has a vacation home in a building. They were promised motion sensing lights would not be installed. Motion sensing lights were installed. They asked if they could pay to have them switched and any difference in monthly cost to the building. The owner of the building did not cooperate. The Frum folks are now filing suit.

Gizmodo writer Jack Lofton says that they are imprisoned by their superstition.

I would say they are trying to follow halacha.

(This post will not investigate the merits of their halachic position. I am giving this a fuller treatment on my blog here.)

For now, I'd just like to know what you think. Is adhering to halacha superstitious?

Update by DovBear: James Dean comments on the halacha: The worst case Melacha scenario is a Davar Sheino Miskaven and a Psik Reisha Dlo Ichpas Lei and therefore since the light is turned on Derech Hilucha there is sufficient reason to be maikel using a Sfeik Sfeika approach on a D'Rabonon of Kilachei Yad instead of causing a Chillul Hashem which is more likely a D'Oraisa.This would be following the Halcha. What we have here is what is more and more the typical Chareidi ignorance of what the Halachah really is.

Sheesh, go learn some Rishonim for Hashem's sake.

Update by E.Fink: Because I want to give an opinion and not leave the post ending with a question: I think following Halacha is superstitious. But that is not a bad thing. It means we believe in something supernatural. Nothing wrong with that!

Update by E.Fink: By the way... The writer apologized.

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