Thursday, July 16, 2009

100 DovBear Dollars to the great Miriam Shaviv

One of my original blogging heros was the great Miriam Shaviv who currently blogs for some English newspaper. She confirmed my high opinion of her this morning with a follow-up post about the magical flying sukka.
I phoned the gentleman who owns the company, one Mr Bard, to find out why exactly anyone would want this.

He explained to me that the Gemara says that when Moshiach comes, all shuls will go to Israel. The Kedushas Levi adds that so will all Jewish houses which were filled with Torah. Sukkahs going to Israel as well, however, are Mr Bard's own addition - "if houses that are filled with Torah go, a Sukkah, which is a piece of a mitzvah, must go too."

There's no actual need for a sukkah to be transported to Israel in messianic times
Not only that, but according to Mr. Bard's halachic novella, every sukka will fly to Israel on Air Moshiach, including those purchased from his competitor. This is rather shrewd. Instead of promising some benefit or feature unique to his own product, this Jewish businessman is making a sales case out of something that he believes is true for any sukka.

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