Friday, May 13, 2005

Yakov Menken: Spin Meister

Writing on Cross Currents (Jewish) Yakov Menken tells us: A few weeks ago several commenters were apoplectic over the idea that both Rabbi Adlerstein and I had positive things to say about observant Christians

Well, yes. And I was one of them. And do you remember why we were "apoplectic?" Menken thinks he does, but, in fact, he's either he's (a) very forgetful; (b) not very bright; or (c) spinning.

He writes:

On the one side you have people insisting that non-Jews say good things about us, and on the other side people who cannot bear to find something good to say about them.

This is absurd.

As I tried to explain on a comment (deleted, of course) no one objects to praising gentiles. The trouble (and this is the point Menken conviniently misses) is that Cross Currents chose to praise a non-Jew for something that is not admirable.

Had Alderstand and Menken said "Boy, Michael Jordan was one hell of an athlete" or "That Ian McEwan sure does write like an angel" who would have objected? Not I.

But that isn't what they did. Instead they heaped praise on the Pope for persistently holding to rituals and ideas that are, frankly, rediculous.

Judaism rejects what is false. A backwards old fool, clinging to backwards old ideas, deserves mockery and scorn. Not praise.

By our lights, none of the Pope's theology is admirable and worthy of praise. Except, perhaps, to the cross-loving folks at Cross Currents(Jewish.)