Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Junie B. Jones, the Cat in the Hat and... Psalm 118?

A very stupid mother showed up at a Pensylvania kindergarten last week, and tried to read the class an excerpt from a very difficult, very violent poem: Psalm 118

The principal objected. So of course the mother is suing.

I happen to agree with the school, but not because of the bogus Establishment Clause argument the principal invoked. The loathsome harpy was supposed to read to the class from her kid's favorite book. She failed to do that. Instead she tried to push the school's limits by attempting to prosyltize the kindergarten.

Besides who does she think she's fooling? Psalm 118 a 5-year old's favorite book? The principal was right to banish her agenda-driven-butt from his school house.

The woman's a moron. If she wanted to sneak the bible into the classroom, she might have at least chosen a bit little kids would find entertaining: The Flood story for example, or the tale in Ezekial about the dung cakes.