Monday, May 16, 2005

Bopping Bishy

Bishul Akum washes his hands of, perhaps, 2 million Jews, writing: thank godness the truth is winning out,people arn't intrested n half baked la di da judaism,db you must be crushed that these infidels are losing numbers [sic]

Much as I hate to make a mockery of someone on his very first visit to the blog, Bshul's cruelty deserves a wider audience. In this comment he is speaking of Reform Jews, and his hard-to-miss-victory dance is being performed over their open graves.

For Bishy isn't celebrating the return of Reform Jews to Orthodoxy's warm embrace. If they were, I could understand his glee. Unfortunately, shrinking numbers among the Reformers means rising intermarriage rates, and the final loss of affiliation with the Jewish community. So in fact, what Bish is cheering is the loss of Jewish souls. And by suggesting that I "must be crushed" at the news that Reform Judaism is losing Jewish souls to the dark sith-like forces of assimilation, Bishy's letting us know that he isn't.

Too hard-hearted even for me, that is.