Monday, May 16, 2005

Shul emails

I've just received an Official Email from the Shul, so two things are given:

(1) The clever people will crack jokes, and share them with everyone hitting, "Reply to All."

(2) After a while, the idiots will take offense and make it clear to everyone that they're, well, idiots. Some of what they'll say:

Is this really appropriate for a shul email list?
[Translation: Yes, I'm frum. Frummer than you anyway.]

Don't you people work?
[Translation: I'm a little slow at the whole reading thing - and I don't care who knows it!]

Stop Hitting Reply to All!!!
[Translation: Why should I quietly hit delete, when I can send an obnoxious email to the entire shul for the same money?]

And another thing: Why aren't Official Emails from the Shul ever signed?