Thursday, May 26, 2005

McClellan: I did say "people lost their lives" before I didn't say it.

Is this a flip flop?

"As I said last week... the protest may well have been pre-staged. The discredited report was damaging. It was used to incite violence. But those who espouse an ideology of hatred and oppression and murder don't need an excuse to incite violence. But the reports from the region showed how this story was used to incite violence." -Scottie, 24 May 2005

"This report, which Newsweek has now retracted and said was wrong, has had serious consequences. People did lose their lives." - Scottie, 17 May 05.

"The images that we have seen across our television screens over the last few days clearly show that this report was used to incite violence. People lost their lives..." - Scottie, 17 May 05.

"I mean, it's - this report has had serious consequences. It has caused damage to the image of the United States abroad. It has - people have lost their lives." - Scottie, 16 May 05.