Friday, May 13, 2005

Piling on

Shragie and Moishe don't either like CrossCurrents.

Please note - Bloggers are advised that, with these two new additions, the bashing-Cross-Currents (Jewish) field appears to be oversaturated. If you're a blogger with a Cross-Currents grudge, please consider bashing one of the many other Cross-Currents instead:

Cross Currents (Zen)
Cross Currents (Christain)
Cross Currents (Stocks)
Cross Currents (Flyfishing(!)))
Cross Currents (Central European Culture)
Cross Currents (Arts/Music/Origins/History/Ecology)

There's plenty of Cross Currents for everyone. [Please note: Cross Currents (Christian) is, in fact, the quarterly journal of The Association for Religion and Intellectual Life. Giving your own little religion blog that name seems to me to be the equivlant of calling your home-grown sports blog Sports Illustrated, but accidents happen, I suppose.]