Monday, May 23, 2005

Demolishing Dumb Arguments IV

The argument: A woman's prayer group goes against the established order of Judaism. Our tradition is to be treasured, not abandoned at a whim. Innovation is forbidden! A woman's prayer group is an act of rebellion and something radical, and for this reason alone it must be opposed.

Permit me to demolish this argument, by describing the specimen who made it. He wears a long dark coat, and, a black felt hat. At his side, is a two year old boy, who has never had his hair cut. And though it's 11 am, the man hasn't davened shachris (which he says using the nusach of the hasidim, and not the nusach of the geonim) or said shma yet, though he's already been to the mikva, a place he religiously visits each morning.

Remember what the man said: Innovation is forbidden!