Monday, May 23, 2005

Out with the old, in with the new

Last night we raised a glass of the good stuff in tribute to the Godol Hador, a blogger par excellance who said goodbye last Saturday night. GH was often funny and often intelligent, and always insistent on honest leaders and honest scholarship in the Jewish community. A good man, who faught the good fight with wit and wisdom, he will be missed.

Do you remember GH's first appearence on DovBear? We do: It was here via this. Later, we saw his talent for humor, a talent he put to good use with his first post.

Fittingly, on the day we say good-bye and god-bless to one blogger who, in some small way, cut his teeth on DovBear, we say hello to another rib from the unblemished body of this blog: Shifra, who you certainly remember from her provocative guest posts, and intelligent comments.

Good luck Shifra. Godspeed Godol.