Friday, May 20, 2005

Like flies on stink

Thoughtful people are urged to come to Shira Schmidt's rescue.

Yesterday, she wrote something thoughtful and generous (on Cross Currents, no less) and, of course, the benighted right-wing commenters who buzz around that site, like flies on stink, are killing her.

I've often disagreed with Cross Currents, so I feel somewhat duty-bound to offer my support when one of their writers produces something intelligent. Go, and show some love.

Postscript: Isn't it odd that Yaakov Menken is allowing one of his writers to be abused? After all, when Toby Katz was rightly destroyed, for dismissing 90 percent of the Jews in the world with a click of her mouse, Yakov Menken rushed to defend her in the comments. He also deleted many comments from people who disagreed with Toby, including several of my own and others written by Shragie and The Hedyot. (Others who opposed Toby's post included Joe Schick)

Now, Yakov Menken leaves Sara Schmidt, and her left-leaning, more magnanimous opinion, to be crucified.

Odd, but not unexpected