Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Keith Olberman says he is still getting email from deeply offended Bush-voters. They are upset that Keith doesn't agree with high-profile scold James Dobson regarding the sexual preferences of SpongeBob Square Pants, a children's cartoon.

"SpongeBob is gay," they insist. "And for the Love of God don't make us tell you why James Dobson is so certain."

Here are some real examples of their mighty letters of protest:

Chris, Denver, North Carolina:
P.S. I think Jesus said it best when he said, ‘Get behind the (sic) Satan.

-Dee, Hixson, Tennessee:
Your prejudism is definately showing.

- Tami & Eric, Dieterich, Illinois:
It came up a long time ago that Spongebob was gay. It is a theory not a fact. It is a general belief among society that Spongebob is gay.

- Todd, Middletown, Ohio:
Todd’s ‘subject’ line said it all: Stupid Intellegenece.>

Focus on the Family, is what Dobson calls his organization, but as Olberman said, and as he can see from these fine examples of Christian rectitude, perhaps society would have been betetr served had Dobson "founded something called Focus On The School System."