Sunday, February 13, 2005

THAT RED STRING MOVIE: Shlomo Perelman, an Orthodox Jew and owner of Pinsker's Judaica Center, worries that the study of Kabbalah and the red string itself are being transformed into fashion statements. He's now trying to sway public opinion himself, and has spent about $10,000 producing a seven-minute video about the significance of the red string that can be seen free on his Internet site,

I saw about three-minutes of the movie, but shut it down when the strange looking man with the scraggly beard began lecturing about segulahs. For $10,000, Perelman might have gotten a guy with a better beard. Anyway, as we were taught in school, the only real segulah is hard work, prayer and exercise.

Though I'm told dieting might be a segulah for weight loss.