Friday, February 18, 2005

Other Thoughts on Maus
What kind of Jew made it out from the war?

In Maus, the main charactar is always organizing. Everywhere he goes, he manages to arrange protection and food for his family He makes deals with gangsters and criminals. He hides himself and his family in bunkers he built himself, bunkers that deceived soldiers and dogs. In Aushwitz he's relativly well-fed; in fact the chapter called, "And Here My Torubles Began" speaks about Dachau! In other words, the man's "troubles" didn't begin until after he had been in Auschwitz for 10 months! And even in Dachau he managed a scheme to get himself extra soup.

What kind of man is that? 1 in a million.

Would I have survived. No way.

I took a certain kind of man to make it out of Europe, and his grandchildren are now competing with me for jobs, and for influence in the Jewish community.

I don't stand a chance.