Thursday, February 17, 2005

A DovBear Experiment
Note to the reader: The following post was written by "Shfira" a frequent commenter on DovBear. The post grew out of a conversation that began here, a conversation that deteriorated mightily before rebounding into something provocative and worth sharing. I'll be moderating - and with a stricter hand than usual, so please comment freely but cleanly.

Update: Moved to the top of the page because it is going so well. Ha! An adult conversation on DovBear. Take that detractors!

(S)expectations and Reality
In this world where sex is everywhere you look it is very difficult to keep a child innocent. To protect their children the Yeshiva world takes great pains to keep their boys and girls not only insulated but also separated.

When these children become teenagers they are expected to basically forget that the opposite sex exists and completely tune out their sexuality as they mature into adulthood.

No questions are asked or answered. Confusion is met with silence, breeding guilt or ignorance when it comes to their sexual feelings. Not much later and with little guidance, they are expected to marry and have children, without ever confronting themselves as sexual beings. I've heard way too many stories to the contrary to believe this is healthy. Christianity believes that sex is a sin but as Jews we do not, in fact it's a MITZVA!

Is there a way to keep our kids informed and in tune with themselves so that they can lead full happy adult lives while keeping them out of trouble as teens

Amshinover - the floor is yours.