Monday, February 28, 2005

Rim Shots

You don't belong at the Siyum Hashas if...

  • You are the only guy at Madison Square Garden wearing a Knicks
    jersey, eating the funnel cakes, and sitting with his wife.

  • You think "Siyum" means "It's the 9 days, but we get to eat meat"

  • You're bummed about missing last year's Siyum Hashas

  • You think Gezirah Shavah is a law forbidding more than one wife.

  • You didn't know Yomi means Daily

  • You say your favorite mesechta is "The one with the picutres"

  • You think Daf means one side of the page.

  • [I'm very anxious to credit for these awful jokes, but I can't find this list on their site, though it sounds like their work. (I received the list by Email, in a less literate version, a version I cleaned up for posting here. Why'd I bother, if the jokes are so bad? For the hell of it really.)]