Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chuck Pennacchio has video of Rick Santorum entering a meeting to chants of "hey hey, ho, ho Social Security has got to go!"


1 - Why hasn't this been made into a slick Democrat attack ad? If I was Howard Dean I'd kill myself, but first I'd put this video on Florida T.V, and see if a single senior citizen ever votes Republican again.

2 - Why don't the Democrats ever run slick attack ads? All the great hammer jobs (Willy Horton, Swift Vets) were GOP productions. The Dems never play that dirty game, and they won't run with this video either. Why is that?

3 - Why don't the very, merry, moral morons (GOP-Jews: I am talking to you) ever acknowledge that right-wingers play dirty? Why don't those of you who make a show of your own values and morality ever credit the Domocrats for their foolish yet, arguably more moral -and certainly more honest- approach to politiking?

4 - Why are the people in the video using such a tired, cliche of a protest chant? Can't the party of Karl "the Boy Genious" Rove give us something more amusing than "hey hey ho ho?" Is this color war?

5 - None of the Jewish blogggers are going to touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. Why? And they won't comment about it here either. Isn't it odd?

The same bloggers who call foul when the Gedolim play dirty, have nothing to say when their favorite political party plays the same game.