Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Here we go again
with another DovBear Experiment.

This next post was outsourced to a third-world American neighbood, where they don't charge such high per word rates. The author is "Eliyahu," who you know from the comment section. He would like the readership's thoughts on the following:

"Let's say you lived in an major urban area where the majority of Jews were not involved in the community. For example, some may be attending temple/shul just at high holidays or not at all. And their children, some of mixed marriages, might not be in weekly or day schools. These Jews are possibly intermarried or divorced, some with children. Given a modest budget for a year, ($6000/month) what would you do to entice Jews to be part of community? The conservative and reform temples, and maybe a chabad center or two, might lend the use of their facilities. comments?"