Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Let's Guess Again

I inadvertently left a few names off my earlier post about the ages of other bloggers. A few of those who were omitted complained (as I would have) about being left out of the fun, so I've gamely attempted to embarrass and or humiliate them below.

Also, if you can believe it, a few of my earlier, faith-based guesses were wrong. Corrections follow as well.

As usual, your deeply felt grievances belong in the comments.

Here's the addendum.

Late Teens
Jewish Whisteleblower

Early 20s
Cara of her eponymous world (correction)

Late 20s
Noa, Jeruselem Revealed
Gil ben Mori, If I forget thee
Miriam Bloghd (correction)
The Hedyot (correction)

Early 30s
Dave at Israelly Cool
Akiva, Mystical Paths
Zman Biur (correction)
Simple Jew

Late 30s
PsychoToddler (correction)