Thursday, February 24, 2005

Princess Leah's Mother Angrily Confronted at the Kotel

Report: Natalie Portman was on location in Jerusalem for the shooting of Free Zone, an Israeli-directed film, when a kissing scene with co-actor Aki Avni [ed note: they aren't married.] in the parking lot next to the Kotel infuriated Jews praying at the site, who slammed the smooch as an act of "lewdness" before chasing the pair and the crew off the set.

Wow. I'll bet that experience will encourage Natalie to embrace the faith of her fathers. I'm sure she's filling out her application to Aish Hatorah as we speak.

As for the mob of Jews who drove her off, let me just say that I am impressed with your work. Not only did you protect the sanctity of a pile of stones, but you also managed to insult a living, breathing Jewish person and, to top it off, you drove her (and her Jewish descendants) further away from Judaism.

Well done!

Update: Haredi apologists are already emailing me:

I think Natalie was impressed to see how that Jewish people respect and honor the holiness of the Kosel. It showed her how spiritual Judaism is and made on her a profound impression.

My goodness yes! I agree! As she ran from the enraged crowd, and from their flying projectiles, I'm sure she thought to herself: "Who is like you O' God, and who is like your people Israel." That's what any normal person would do.

I retract everything.