Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How does this fit Obama's secret plan to destroy Israel?

Obama Offers Chief of Staff to Rahm Emanuel

Rahm, which I presume is derived from Avraham, is the son of a Jerusalem-born Irgun man. During the first gulf war, he "was a civilian volunteer in Israel, rust- proofing brakes on an army base in northern Israel." [Wikipedia] He speaks some Hebrew, too,

Clearly, Obama's evil plan to destroy the Jewish state is underway.

[I seem to remember Rahm was an IDF man himself... can't verify it , though.]

Hattip: JAMEEL

Programming note

For the last four years, I delighted in pointing out that Right Wingers were laugh-out-loud wrong to call W "Israel's best friend ever." Going forward, I expect to find the same joy in demonstrating that Obama doesn't want to see Israel vanquished.

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