Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visit to Jew York follow-up

My Noachide correspondent writes again

The responses to my recent post “Taking a Jew Tour of NY” (Feb. 9) were most informative and appreciated! My friend and I (both Noahide) live in an area with a small Jewish presence (west TX and NM); therefore, we want to see and experience as much as we can. Because of time constraints, we have narrowed down our stops to Boro Park and Williamsburg. This will be my first time in Brooklyn, my first synagogue experience, and our first Purim. Since your readers have been so gracious, I am hoping they can offer help with the following:

1. Because it’s Purim, should we dress normally for a Saturday morning service? Will there be any Purim activities anywhere during the day or Saturday night? Which shul in the area would be least bothered by a couple of non-Jews showing up for a service and might have English/Hebrew prayer books?
2. What is the best way to travel betwixt the two neighborhoods?
3. How easy is it to get a cab in these neighborhoods or is bus/subway the preferred method of travel?
4. Judaica shopping??? We definitely want to shop Eichlers… any other recommended shopping in either area?
5. What is considered respectful and modest attire for a woman?

We consider it a privilege to walk beside you in this world, and we anticipate a wonderful weekend experiencing the beauty of Jewish life.

My heartfelt thanks,

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