Friday, February 26, 2010

Az Yashir Manuscript From 7th Century Now Complete

A Guest Post By E. Fink

The 1300 fragments form the song Az Yashir, The Song at the Sea, a popular topic of conversation here on DovBear. The significance of this finding is that it is a rare biblical text from between the 3rd and 10th century. Of note is the fact that the song is written in poem style like in our Sefer Torah today. While in the Dead Sea Scrolls it is written in prose. This is the earliest document of Az Yashir in the style of a poem.

The commenters on the original article on The Huffington Post are busy arguing about whether the Israelites existed or not, which this rare manuscript has no impact on. I say, stop fighting and just marvel at the beauty and wonder of a glimpse into history...

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