Sunday, February 14, 2010

Backtracking on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal

Guest post by Rabba bar bar Chana

This is such bull****. According to this Associated Press article, despite the public progress made on the issue in recent weeks, a repeal of DADT is probably years away.

This is an utterly discriminatory policy, with no moral or practical basis whatsoever. It's about blatant homophobia, plain and simple. It's not like we're discussing gay marriage here. It's about witch hunting soldiers simply because of the sexual attractions they have. Maybe the military should also question soldiers about what sexual positions they prefer? Or how about what fetishes they have? Maybe any soldier that doesn't engage in plain vanilla missionary position sex isn't fit to be a soldier! What the hell does a soldier's sexual orientation have to do with his or her ability to serve?
"The protracted time line is about more than giving military leaders time to assess the impact on troops and put new rules in place. The multiyear process also is a strategic way of getting troops used to the idea before they have to accept change. Politically, the time line puts off congressional debate over lifting the ban until after elections this fall."
 The only line in that paragraph that has the ring of truth is the final one. It's about politicians never having the courage to fight for what's right, always worrying about what's going to get them reelected.

I'm including President Obama in that assessment. He made a promise to repeal DADT. And he reiterated it in the State of the Union address last month. As the Commander in Chief, Obama could easily sign a stop-loss measure that effectively ends the policy till it's repealed legislatively. But he doesn't seem to have the political courage to do so. Shame on you, Mr President!

And as for assessing the policy and the effect that it will have on troops, what are we dealing with here, kindergarten? Where we have to be very careful how hearts & minds will be affected? These are soldiers, who follow orders! They're sent into wars they may not agree with, but they go anyway. Do we conduct a "multiyear process" before issuing those orders, to see how the soldiers will feel about it?

This is about bigotry, pure and simple.

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