Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Mighty Ducks of Kiryas Joel

A Guest Post By E. Fink

This is a 2 week old story but after reflecting on the facts and rumors involved I find it current enough for a blog post.

A kol koreh issued by KJ stated that there was a potential issue with the ducks that were being shechted and sold by KJ Poultry. The problem was that the ducks being sold were Muscovy Duck as opposed to the usual Pekin Duck. The difference between the two ducks is that Muscovy is a "dores" or halachic predator whereas the Pekin is not. This renders the Muscovy not-kosher.

There are conflicting reports as to what actually occurred in KJ. There are those who say that the ducks were purposely or perhaps negligently purchased and KJ is at fault. There are those that say that KJ made an honest mistake in halacha and thought these ducks were kosher. There are those that say KJ was tricked by the supplier. There are those who say the entire story is a fabrication (you know who you are).

The bottom line is: Non - Kosher Ducks were pulled off the shelves in KJ and elsewhere. This indicates a breach in the hasgacha process. Following previous scandals I find this INEXCUSABLE.

Second, KJ preaches a brand of Judaism that is so intolerant of any outside influence (they recently banned music lessons!) and they still had a huge kashrus problem. Isn't the lesson clear? You can't control everything? And even if you do there are going to be problems. If they would spend less time regulating kosher activities that they disapprove of (music lessons, concerts, Torah websites) maybe they would have more time to make sure they are selling kosher meat!

Further, when they became aware of the problem, edicts were issued and the problem was corrected quickly. Why can't we correct other problems in our community as quickly? (Take the molesters "off the shelves" immediately!)

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