Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stop Making Me Sick over Martin Grossman

A Guest Post by Rafi G

Some bloggers and haredi news sites have been hanging on every detail of the Martin Grossman execution.

They are busy telling us his last words, what he was doing leading up to the execution, etc.

Is this supposed to give me chizzuk?

It is one thing to say we need to try to get the stay of execution because he is our Jewish brother. It is another thing to make him into something greater than he was. He was a vile murderer, and he probably deserved what he got (he was a cop killer after all), though I feel bad because he was one of us.

I get absolutely no chizzuk by hearing what his last words were or how he put on tefillin before he was taken to die.

By the way, according to a Florida newspaper, he didn't ask for any special last meal. He ate a chicken sandwich from the prison canteen. Does anybody know if prison canteens stock kosher chicken sandwiches?

I don't mean to badmouth him, especially now that he is dead, but the sites that are making him sound like a tzaddik and baal mussar are making me sick.
(my only purpose in writing this point about the chicken sandwich, distasteful as it was (my mentioning it, not the chicken sandwich) was that he was probably not the saint they made him out to be. he should have been treated like a murderer and thats it)

Today somebody uploaded a video from his funeral - there is a guy eulogizing him in yiddish to a crowd of what looks like a couple thousand people, and he is crying and wailing as if we just lost the biggest tzaddik to walk the face of the earth.

It makes me sick.

Search for more information about Jewish victims of anti-semitism in Florida's judicial system at

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