Monday, February 22, 2010


:: Our after-shul refreshments are called a kiddush (1) (and for some reason a "hot kiddush" is considered an especially big deal.)
:: The plural of this word is kiddushim
:: In biblical hebrew, a kadesh is a male prostitute [See Deut 23:17]
:: The plural of kadesh is kadeishim
:: "Hot" is slang for sexy or attractive; thus
:: Meal Mart  is claiming their shop specialty is "Good looking male prostitutes"

(1) In the vernacular, this isn't limited to shabbos; I've heard the cake and juice put out for a weekday yartzeit  reffered to as a "kiddush" (laughably, Wikipedia calls the shabbos morning snack a "ceremonial meal" and prescribes cake, crackers and fish. In my shul, such a scanty kiddush would be called, "an insult.")

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