Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twitter Tweaking the Unreflective, Unrepentant Right Wing

Well, I was going to write a post about how the dark, slimy, underbelly of the RW Twitterverse came gunning for yourfavoriteblogger only that would be a wild and irresponsible exaggeration, besides being untrue.

What really happened is @jennihann gave us the breaking and important news that there is no Palestine, in that there's no place called Palestine on a map, and no Palestinian currency. Then, she remarked about the new Islamic-looking crescent logo Obama has, apparently, foisted on an unsuspecting Defense Department.

[I'd love to supply the Tweets themselves only Jenni blocks her account]

I replied as follows [all sic]:

theres no Iriquoe currency yet there are Iriquoe ppl. No place called Iriquoe either.

why would our islamic/humanist/jeremiahwrightworshiping/secular/socialist/kenyan pres put only a crescent on logo? what abt rest?

Good points, I thought. After all, the American Indians don't have a currency, or a land of their own, yet they do exist. Also, I found it odd that Obama, who has been disparaged by the RW for simultaneously being too Christian, too Muslim, and too Secular, would mark the Defense Department with a crescent. Why not a Christian black power symbol and a humanist icon, too? How did he choose one over the other? Couldn't he figure out a way to sneak in all three? I was hoping @jenihann would explain.

Instead, she called me a terrorist loving something or other. [going from memory, because, again, she bravely blocks her tweets, but it was nasty, and it was a compound insult] And, because she slandered me without putting @dovbear at the beginning of her tweet, all of her followers saw it, and three of them chimed in afterwards with super-accurate remarks about my all-consuming love for baby-killing terrorists.

Sigh. Thanks to @marksofla for attempting to back me up, but as I told him, there's no point. What that lot deserves is mockery only.

Meanwhile, @aspacewithin and I can't seem to stop talking about the guy on Sanhedrin 10: who slept with an ox. As you can imagine the Twitter spam from that, too, has been superfluous.

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