Monday, February 08, 2010

Palin at the Tea Party Convention. Prepare to vomit

Just about everything right minded people despise about Palin and her supporters was on display at the recent Tea Party Convention. For instance*

“This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any one king or queen of a tea party, and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter,” she said.

What about a not-very-charismatic gal who scribbles notes on her hand, or uses a prepared speech as Sarah has in the past? Besides, who thinks she delivered that convention stem-winder off the cuff? Who thinks she ever speaks without the benefit of professional preparation? When she does her sing-song act, she relies on speech writers, and teleprompters, and print outs of her speech like everyone else.

She blasted [Obama]for rising deficits, “apologizing for America” in speeches in other countries, and for allowing the so-called Christmas bomber to board a plane headed for the United States...

And the Bush deficits? Or the shoe-bomber Geroge W. Bush "allowed" to board a plane? What about that Sarah?

When Andrew Breitbart, the founder of, introduced Ms. Palin by describing her as “the first person to tell us about the death panel,” the crowd cheered.

Scary. The idiots still haven't realized that there never were death panels, that the whole thing was nothing but Palin fear mongering.

When he asked her about the “two words that scare liberals: President Palin,” <

Why do these morons take it as a badge of honor that half the country (at least) is terrified she might win the presidency? If they cared about America, and not their narrow, selfish, partisan interests, it would disturb them that their prospective candidate is widely viewed as an incompetent boob.

Ms. Palin gave little hint to her political plans when Mr. Phillips, the organizer, prodded her in a brief question-and-answer period after her 40-minute speech. She said she would support those candidates who “understand free market principles” and “personal responsibility.”

The cost to attend the convention was $549. I'd pay twice that to hear a Sarah Palin lecture on "free market principles." I'd pay five times that if my unemployed friends and neighbors could sit in the front row with piles of rotten tomatoes.

Ms. Palin’s fee for speaking was reported to be $100,000, and she was criticized by some Tea Party activists for taking a fee, much as the convention itself was criticized for charging a ticket price that is too high for tea partiers who consider themselves fiscal conservatives


* All newspaper quotes italicized and from here

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