Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Is Yeshivish Lakewood So Happy That Brown Won?

A guest Post by Yosef Greenberg

It would seem that for Lakewood'ers all over, they shouldn't be happy at all that Scott Brown won this race.

Don't they live on welfare? Isn't the healthcare package for their benefit?

The only reason I can think of is the vilification going on the yeshivish newspaper Yated, where they take endless circuitous routes, and not so endless routs, to compare Obama to Hitler, thus minimizing what Hitler did.

Can't they think for themselves?
(Source: WOM)

[DB: Let me attempt to preempt the comment stupidity that often seems to surface when I put up a guest post: I DID NOT WRITE THIS. Additionally, I have no idea if "Lakewood:" is happy or sad about Brown's victory, but it seems to me they should be unhappy or indifferent. Indifferent because Lakewood isn't in Massachusetts. Unhappy because as this guest poster notes, the new Senator seems to oppose the sort of benefit packages that would make life a little less burdensome for the typical kollel family. (I'm betting that in Willy, Square, KJ and similar the hard-core Hasidim are indifferent and/or unhappy.)]

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