Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Kettle, meet my friend Pot

The blogosphere "may have worthy offerings but it is saturated, too, with hatred, lies, half-truths and slander," [Avi] Shafran said in an e-mail. He said when sites allow anonymous comments, "the potential for what is Jewishly wrong is magnified exponentially."

Avi Shafran, a blogger himself, appears regularly at Cross Currents, where he treats us to hatred, lies, half truths and slander on a regular basis. His victims have included Reform Rabbis, and homosexuals, while lies/half-truths have also been employed to protect Haredi rioters, pedophiles, and corrupt Haredi businessmen.

Here's the thing: Nothing in the world - blogs included - is all good. To say blogs "may have worthy offerings but..." is to say the sun rises in the east. It's a dull, self-evident fact. Blogs belong to the same category as Avi's column, rabbinic sermons, the Yated and so on. All of them sometimes have "worthy offerings" and sometime present hatred, half-truths or material that is "Jewishly wrong" Avi and his mob are at war with the blogs, only because the blogs can't be controlled, because they won't bow to Avi's preferred authorities, and because they aren't afraid to point out when Jewish emperors are naked.

Quote Courtesy of Hasafran

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