Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Kiddush

Can you please tell who, in 2010, is still excited to learn that a HOT kiddush will be served? You've seen the email invitations and flyers, I'm sure, with the word HOT bold and capitalized as if the host is concerned his event might be boycotted unless its made perfectly clear that the food will be warmer than room temperature. Is this a legitimate concern, or is the host paranoid?

I vote paranoid. We live in the first world. We all ate ten minutes ago, and we're all going to eat again soon. Who the hell cares if the kiddush is hot, or if the buffet is flieshig, or if there will be cholent and kugel at the sholom zacher? I certainly dont. I attend parties to see my friends, and to honor the host.  The food - which is almost always bland and boring - is irrelevant to me. You don't need to put the menu on the invitation in order to ensure my attendance at your event.

Related questions: 

--Have you ever said, "Gee, I'd sure like to attend Shemreyl's kiddush, but his invite didn't specify HOT. Guess I'll stay home. Screw him and also his family."?

-- Does it make you happy to see cholent at a sholom zacher? I confess to not giving a flying fig one way or the other. Do you disagree?

-- Have you ever shuffled your schedule to attend an engagement part that promised a FLEIGHIG buffet? If so, why? Haven't you seen ribs, fried salami and carving boards before?

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