Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I dreamed a dream

Just once, I'd like to hear a pulpit Rabbi say, "According to one famous interpretive tradition, Pharaoh's court magicians had real powers, but many rishonim (*) reject that interpretive tradition and say they really had no powers at all."

Instead, we're subjected to half-truths like:  "We know the magicians had powers, but..." or "We know that magic/kishuf was very strong in Egypt." 

Can someone explain why shul Rabbis are so maddeningly imprecise on matters such as this? Are they ignorant? Do they hold in contempt the intelligence of their congregations? And if you're a shul rabbi yourself, will you please make a commitment, this year, to giving your congregation the full story?

(*) Ralbag, Abravanel, Rambam, among others.

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