Monday, January 11, 2010

Obama Hates Israel

The very latest:
U.S. to double weapons stockpile in Israel
January 11, 2010
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- The U.S. Army will double the amount of emergency military equipment it stockpiles in Israel.
Jerusalem and Washington agreed that Israel will keep $800 million worth of U.S. equipment, according to Monday's issue of the U.S. weekly Defense News publication, Haaretz reported.
Israel would be allowed to use the equipment in a military emergency, according to the report.
Missiles, armored vehicles, aerial ammunition and artillery ordnance already are stockpiled in Israel.
America stockpiles weapons in areas where its military may need to operate that also assists U.S. allies.
The United States began stockpiling $100 million in military equipment in Israel in 1990, according to the report.
Know what I find funny? Back when Bush was president and dreaming up schemes like the Road Map, or the Two-State Solution everyone on the right still thought he was the very bestest friend Israel ever had. He went beyond Clinton in terms of demand-making on Israel, yet all his GOP-Jew buddies gave him a free pass, and never questioned the received wisdom about what an excellent friend he was. Now, Obama (arguably) is going beyond Bush - but in ways that are still loads smaller then the ways Bush went beyond Clinton - and Bush is still getting a free pass. Even though he made demands on Israel that exceeded the demands made by any other president he's still considered the best. Not only that, but when Obama makes the exact same demands no one recalls Bush made them first! And when Obama takes baby-steps beyond Bush? Well, forget about it. In GOP-Jew myth making Bush's giant steps beyond Clinton meant nothing, but Obama's tiny steps past Bush are proof that he's Hitler on steroids. Makes no sense. And they said Reagan was Teflon.


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