Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dumb post Brown tweets, and my replies

Ok, GOP, very nice. You elected a Senator in a state election. Huzzah. Still, lets not get too carried away with our chest thumping, ok? Here are some of the dumb things GOP Jerks have been saying on Twitter, with my replies. (Names concealed to protect the guilty) (None sic b/ of my crap memory)

The American people have spoken and said NO YOU CAN'T
The American people? Really? About 3 million people voted, and all of them live in Massachusetts. How does that work out to the "American people?"

Kennedy tradition? OVER
Well, no, not if the Kennedy tradition consisted of electing handsome, vapid men of questionable ethics. In which case the tradition is alive and well.

Well, lets see. For eight years the Bush did basically whatever he wanted, without having 60, or even 59 Senators. All Obama has to do is frame health reform as part of the War on Terror (TM) and the meth taking bible thumpers of those great Republican strongholds will fall right into line.

A liberal stronghold has fallen!
The same liberal stronghold that has had one Republican Governor after another for the last TWENTY YEARS?? (Mitt Romeny: 2003-2007; Jane Swift: 2001 -2003; Paul Celluci: 1999-2001; William Weld: 1991-1997) By the way, would you like a list of all the GOP strongholds that "fell" just 14 months ago?

This means the Dems will lose seats in November!
Have you forgotten the president just about always loses seats in his first midterm? Congratulations. You've just predicted the sun will rise tomorrow.

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