Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stupidity, Religion, and Stupid Religion

XGH posted this image, which I presume he created. I've stolen it because it describes me as well. In fact, I think it describes every single sentient human on the plant. All of us hate where religion and stupidity overlap. The distinction is one of definitions, and the problem is that some of what is blatantly stupid is embraced, protected and cherished by others as something "religious."

For what its worth, here's how I see things. I expect your own chart will be different:

Stupid (examples)
Vaccinations are bad for you
George W. Bush was one of the great presidents, right up there with Lincoln.
Obama is a Muslim, Christian, Israel-hating secular atheist who was born in Africa.
Fox is fair and balanced

Religious (examples)
God exists, and set the universe in motion to develop contingently, with the promise that what He had made would always be "very good."
All Jews, and the rightuous of other nations, too, have a place in the world to come.
Heaven and earth once intersected at Sinai, at an event we call matan torah
What is despicable to you, do not do unto others
Lo bashamayim hee

Stupid Religion (examples)
"We" know the truth.
You have to dress/act/think a certain way. Any variation is suspect
Only our way of thinking/doing is authentic.
The Torah true approach to midrashim
Evolution is chazer treif
If you wear this bracelet or whisper these words or perform this bizarre act good fortune is guaranteed
Science is the devils playground
No Jew should go to work if he can avoid it: Kolel only
Ethics apply only to how we treat other Jews. When it comes to non-Jews all bets are off
The Torah says you have to be a Liberal/Conservative and that you can't possibly be a Liberal/Conservative
God gave us license to do whatever the hell we please to those A-Rabs who don't belong in Israel anyway
(wow this is easier then I thought it would be)

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