Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still Waiting for Jewish Pope Lovers to Recant

I'm still not completely recovered from some of the breathtakingly stupid things certain Jews (+,+) and Jewish leaders, and Jewish bloggers have said about the Popes and the Church, but today's their chance to get back into my good graces.

See, it turns out that the break-away bishops Benedict rehabilitated this week are even more repulsive than first imagined.
The most contentious of the four is the British-born Bishop Richard Williamson, who in a recent television interview said he thought the “historical evidence” was against six million Jews dying in Nazi gas chambers.
Nasty, but there's more:
[In 1989 a] Vichy war criminal, Paul Touvier, was found hiding in a Nice monastery run by Archbishop Lefebvre and arrested. He was later sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity
Lefebvre is the founder of the Pius X society, a group of extreme Catholic traditionalists that seeks to be more Catholic than the Pope, and he is the one who created the four bishops Benedict has now welcomed back into the church. But, we still aren't done:
The St. Pius X Society is particularly opposed to the Vatican II reforms that softened the church’s age-old teaching that Jews had killed Christ.

In a letter to Germany’s 27 official bishops in October, the director of the society’s German branch, the Rev. Franz Schmidberger, wrote that Jews “are not ‘our older brothers in faith,’ ” as Pope John Paul II said in his historic visit to the Rome synagogue in 1986.

Instead, Father Schmidberger wrote, “for as long as they do not distance themselves from their forefathers’ guilt through the avowal of Christ’s divinity and baptism, they are complicit in the deicide,” according to a copy of the letter available on the society’s Web site.
So how's that for an unholy trinity for the ages? The Pope's new friends are into Holocaust denial, have given aid and comfort to a Nazi war criminal, and they insist on the age-old claim that we Jews killed Jesus.

Surprised? Don't be. This is perfectly in keeping with the teachings and practices of Popes toward the Jews going back to the 1850s. They've called us dogs, stolen our children, published slanders in official Vatican newspapers, supported the war against Dryfuss, participated in blood libels, sat silently during the Holocaust, met with Facists, before helping to facilitate the escape of many Nazis to Argentina, and on and on and on, culminating in Benedict's outrage earlier this week but STILL certain Jews stand up straighter whenever a Pope smiles at us.

Well, I say enough and I want those Cross Loving Jews to admit their error.

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