Friday, January 02, 2009

Land < Life

TTBOMK living in Israel isn't a hareg v'al yaavor, and if it was halachically dangerous to stay, I'd tell you to leave, ie to give back every inch for the sake of saving your own life. Now, I don't think it is halachically dangerous to live in Israel just yet, but I don't see how the more radical settlers have any right to endanger themselves.

And before you yell, this isn't my own view, but the opinion of various achronim who I am sure Lurker and others can cite.

(Note to those of you who call me a "heretic": The view expressed here is yet another example of DovBear embracing a non-mainstream Torah opinion, that is, nonetheless, legitimately "Torah-true." Others include my view on: hashkocha protis, the maculate Torah, and the historicity of midrashim. My thoughts on all three subjects are in line with the opinions of major rishonim, but when I say them out loud too-stupid Jews take it as proof that I'm a heretic. With the help of God, I hope to develop this idea in the near future.)

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