Sunday, April 03, 2005

Whitewashing the Pope I

Some Hirhurim readers (not Gil himself) are hard at work whitewashing the legacy of John Paul II.

I posted the following comment:

As you consider JP II's legacy, please don't forget that he canonized Pius 9 and Edith Stein, he beatified Pius 12, and he published an encyclical on the church's role in the Holocaust that was a apologist jumble of bad history and wishful thinking.


Though many Hirhurim readers (Shlomo, Nachum Klafter) seem to believe that the Pope renounced his church's historic anti-Semitism, they've made no attempt to reconcile their belief with the facts of Pius 9's canonization and Pius 12's beatification.

Pius 9 and Pius 12 were two of the most anti-Semitic popes in history. It is fair to ask: Would a Pope who had truly let go of the Church's shameful past have accorded these men such high honors?

Update: Ren Reb, a sharp cookie who should know better, is also whitewashing the Pope. I hope she's just playing to her non-Jewish readership. I'd hate to think someone as clever as RenReb is unaware of the deliberate offense this Pope gave to the Jews.