Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About the oath error

Like most viewers, I thought the pause during the oath of office came because Obama had forgotten the words. (Or as Drudge put it "Obama Flubs the Oath")

Turns out we were wrong: the mistake belonged to the chief justice, alone.

Mr Roberts misplaced a single word so that the former Illinois senator vowed to "execute the Office of President of the United States faithfully" instead of, as he was meant to, "execute faithfully the Office of President of the United States".

The strange pause, it seems, was Obama's polite way of giving the chief a chance to correct himself after he misplaced "faithfully". On the second try, the chief made it worse, at which point Obama, apparently, second-guessed his own memory and parroted the wrong words.

So what now? Well, despite the treasonous suggestions of faux patriots at Stupid News Obama is still the president. The only worry is that he might not be able to execute the office until after the constitutionally proscribed words are said, but he can -and probably should - fix that quickly and privately by saying the magic words again.

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