Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Loving Leah's" Credibility Gap

by the Bray of Fundie (Edited)

Why must Hollywood utterly botch Anything Jewish that it gets its mitts on? FCOL with all the big budgets you think they could get some starving and moderately knowledgeable rabbi to serve as a consultant-fact checker!

This time they tackle a truly arcane pointy of Halakha..Yivum and Kahlitza=the levirate marriage and release ritual/transaction. Truth be told khalitza is so rare that it is routinely attended by scores of people as it is so hard to get shimush b'halakha= hands on internship, in this particular mitzvah.

Among the truly eye-roll inducing distortions in this Hallmark Hall of Shame episode: "Worse, he finds out that he is also required by Jewish law to marry his widowed sister-in-law if she is childless. ". Ridiculous. Marriage has not been an option in over a millenia. Khalitza is not merely recommended or preferred, it's all we do. Next we get this: "Leah ... removes the shoe, throws it across the room, while Jake loudly denies his brother's existence. " close but no cigar! Refusing to "raise up a name for his brother" != denying his existence.

Really makes a guy wonder. When I see the howlers mainstream media print and Hollywood disseminates about topic that I have a passing familiarity with I've got to at least entertain the following possibility: While not exactly on the level of a screenwriter taking artistic liberties in an act of fiction I still suspect...SUSPECT, that maybe scientists mock the Science Times, that historians roll their eyes at biopics, that veterans double-over laughing at war movies and that economists and captains of industry scoff at the financial pages or at least pop-media representations about the inner workings of the economy .

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