Tuesday, January 06, 2009

held captive

A Guest Post by Rafi G.
(originally posted on LII)

The following was sent to the local community-wide email list... take it as you wish, but its content qualifies for being posted here...

My husband went to his rebbe for chanukah lighting. The rebbe told everyone
that there was a man who was recently niftar in beit shemesh. soon after,
the deceased man appeared to his brother in a dream. In it he told him that
there are now kitrugim(prosecuters) against Am yisroel because ppl are not
davening enough for the three bachurim that are being held captive in jail
in Japan (if u dont know the story not long ago 3 bachurim were promised 3
free tickets to visit a Rav if they would do a favor and bring a package to
someone in Japan, they agreed and unknowingly the package contained drugs.
The penalty for drug smuggling in Japan is one of the most severe in the
entire world. These boys are still being held captive.

this is a very legitimate story so please pass this message around and give
ppl the names of these bachurim to daven for their release. :

Yoel Zev ben Michal Reisa Chaya
Yackov Yosef ben Reizel
Yosef ben Eita Rivka


I like how they are described as "being held captive". They are in jail because of a crime they committed. They are not being "held captive". I have no problem with people trying to work for their release or for lightening their sentence, or whatever, but let's not portray it as if they were taken hostage in a midnight raid in their quiet village.
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