Friday, January 23, 2009

The new Rochel Imaynu fable

For the record: It is the position of this blog that the story making the rounds about how Rachel the Matriarch rescued soldiers in Gaza from certain death is a mistake or a fabrication. We think it is more likely that some elderly woman - possibly one having a name that sounds like Rachel - saved the soldiers, and from there, the story took on a life of its own. We see no cause or reason to believe the story is true, and are suspicious of those who think embracing the story is a sign of piety. Show us how pious you are via your deeds, please: not via your willingness to believe any stupid story that comes down the pike.

We've also asked two rabbis, a rebbetzin, a shul secretary and the guy who sits next to us in shul for their opinions. The YU Rabbi and the shul secretary both thought the story was true. The guy who sits next to us in shul gave us that too-familiar look of pained amazment and hinted we might possibly be kofrim for even asking the question. However, I'm pleased to announce that both the rebbetzen and the second rabbi, a Ponevitch alum, were quick to say the story wasn't true.

Said the rebbetzen (and I quote), "HAHAHAHAHAH."

Said the Rabbi, "No, I don't believe it," and then, perhaps worried for his reputation, added, "That doesn't mean it couldn't happen." Uh-huh. Ok. Thanks for the ringing endorsement, Rabbi.

As for us, we hold like Rabbi Yuval Cherlow who said (via VIN) that "
Every intelligent person would assume that this story didn't happen and it was invented in the head of someone who found gullible people he wanted to manipulate. The world of faith demands that a person should above all be critical and not accept fanciful stories without first investigating and verifying them.

"It's a shame that people naively believe such stories, which destroy a person's faculties of intelligence, and his ability to reach proper decisions. Moreover, such stories can even bring a person to a crisis in faith. For instance, why didn't 'she' come to save other people?


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