Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hmm not very dignified

Says in the paper that Bushies are a bunch of narcissistic, cry babies:

The Bush team had worked assiduously to make the transition smooth for incoming President Obama and stayed out of the way as he used the post-election period to take leadership of the economy even before being sworn in. And now, as far as some of them were concerned, the new president had used his inaugural lectern to give the back of the hand to a predecessor who had been nothing but gracious to him

And that sound you hear is the Bush-bubble popping. Welcome back into the real world Mr. ExPresident. Besides, why does the outgoing president get a cookie for being gracious? Shouldn't the outgoing president be gracious as a matter of course? And, really, how much of a reward does Bush deserve for exiting the flaming, crashing wreck in a mannered fashion? Please.

And let's recall: Bush ungraciously sulked through Obama's party, he was a jerk about letting Obama take Blair House early, and 8 years ago he gave Clinton the same treatment - but with far less style.

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