Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here come the grownups

Jon Stewart, a great American, pokes some fun at Barack Obama's deplorably adult and professional manner with the press.

Note to my two or three critics: Already, some of the remaining pro-Bush rocket scientists are wondering if I'll give Obama a "pass". Here's a sample of their brilliant thinking:

now watch how dovbear gives obama a pass for 4 years and defends every idiotic socialist thing obama does ... but BUSH was soooooe evil

Um... this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I supported Obama, in part, because I am HOPING he will implement what you call "idiotic socialist thing[s]" (I want universal health care, for instance) . If Obama continues to prove himself to be Bush's opposite, of course I'll "give him a pass." I'll also applaud loudly, and occasionally hoot and whistle.

But I promise you this: If Obama abuses his power like Bush did, or if he turns out to be a lazy, unprepared, disdainful, petty man, I will not give him a pass. If Obama attempts to undermine the Constitution or if he lies to the American people about the basis for a war; if he fiddles while a city drowns, or ignores what the best and the brightest tell him about stem cell research, evolution, and global warming; if he sanctions torture, and trades American glory, treasure, and lives for a bag of peanut shells as Bush has done, you can be sure I'll criticize Obama as harshly as I criticized his predecessor.

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