Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The Haredim in the audience are asked if the following is an accurate and true description of illicit arousal:

Arousal is not just evil. It's also powerful. Voldermort style powerful. Uncovered knees sink ships and conjure hurricane and cause men to ejaculate demons [*] into existence. Children die because women won't properly cover up. Even charedim who reject this intellectually, feel it viscerally.

[*] Haredi boys learns that zerah lvatala creates demons, and they believe it. Worse, in Israel, sons are banned from accompanying their dead fathers to the cemetery. The reason: If the human son attends, the demon sons will attend, too. I kid you not. The mainstream belief (at least among those who control Israeli chevra kadishas) is that the One who created the world and said it was TOV MEOD also made it impossible for a man to father a child without also creating millions of demon offspring.

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